The Other End of Sunset

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tap dancing on the precipice of irony

I woke up this morning
And now I understand
What it means to give your life
to just one man
--Sheryl Crow, "Home"

(First, I understand that Eitan and the rest of the Associate Crew @ the Big G in the sky are disappointed that I haven't posted more often. Sorry, working on it now, will do better!)

Today's post is a non sequitur.

It turns out that there are some folks who read my blog and internalized one thing: They learned that I don't like travel.

Although that may be true, it's a bit like reading "Lord of the Flies" and deciding it's about how to build a campfire.

I'm just saying.

Did you know when you go,
It's the perfect ending
to the bad day
I'd gotten used to spending
--Sheryl Crow, "My Favorite Mistake"