The Other End of Sunset

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Let's go for funny?

Do you ever wonder what makes people do odd stuff?

Like, the guys who refill the paper towel dispensers in our bathrooms. You know, we have the kind that are in the counter, and one towel sticks out? The "sanitary" kind.

Why is it that our bathroom cleaning guys always overfill the containers? So much that you can't get one towel out -- the end just rips off.

What incents someone to do this? Really, does the guy think he won't have to come around the next day? But he always does.

Or does he think he's providing excellent customer service -- yeah, they will never run out of towels now! -- not realizing that the strategy makes the whole thing pointless.

Because, of course, what happens? People take a whole handful of towels out. Because that way, they stand a chance of getting any out. And then they lay the rest neatly next to the dispenser. Where they sit all day, because everyone now wants the sanitary ones from the dispenser that are now accessible. And the dude comes around the next morning, throws away dozens of towels ... and then refills the thing too much again.

I'm starting to believe it's just to annoy me.

And it's working.

I share an office, with a guy I think is great, terrific, awesome. We email each other sometimes. When we are both in the office. He is 6 feet away from me. And we don't talk, we email. Odd. Dude, that's a bit introverted even for me. But it works somehow.

There is a guy at the gym, who spends a lot of time doing pushups. Like, 30 minutes or something really ridiculous. But each pushup is about 3 inches. He could be wearing elbow braces, as little movement as he makes. What's the point? And that dude, wearing the perfectly coiffed Nike(tm) gear, doing the lat pull downs, with the bar behind his head... Well, how's that underarm exercise working for you? How's the neck? Idiot.

But it's funny! Not annoying.

And the list of odd men's restroom behaviors that I could list? Neverending. But I'm sure I'd trigger some government watch list, for talking about the papers over the urinals -- it's probably a state secret. (Psst, they put newspapers, or weird stuff, over the urinals, so that the guys don't have to stare at the walls. Because, for God's sake, you CAN'T possibly catch a glimpse of anything. And lord knows, apparently everyone is looking -- I mean, they put up these shields between people for a reason, right?

Or how about those people, you know, the ones that can't figure out how to end a blog posting, so they just ramble on and on, trying to find the one nugget of truth, of humor, the exact right morsel of life to lay on the palate of the reader.

Oh, wait, that's me.

Have a nice taxi ride, I'll see you in Southeast Asia...