The Other End of Sunset

Friday, March 17, 2006

Wisps of my mind...

I'll figure out a title for this post after I write it. After all, isn't art emergent from its constituent materials? Thus, wouldn't it be... well, inappropriate... to create a title before the content?

And, besides, you won't know whether I actually wrote the title first, or last. It'll be first to you, right? Unless I forget to create a title at all. We shall see.

What do you think of the new format? And the photo? My, I look green, eh? One of my friends said I look like a rock star. If so, it's probably a backstreet boy. I think the photographer who took the pic is GREAT, I must say. Scott Faust, motorcyclist, artist, generally good guy.

I just finished a new book -- Chasing Daylight by Gene O'Kelly. He wrote it in the last 100 days of his life. He had brain cancer. It's intermittently funny, and creepy, and touching. And OMG was the guy anal retentive. I'm not sure I liked the book. I'm processing. I'll get back to you.

BTW, for those of you who know me, you know that I can't seem to pronounce the word "process". Nobody else seems to have trouble saying it, why do I? My parents say it correctly. My siblings say it correctly. I just say it wrong. It's odd.

I have the NCAA Men's Basketball tourney on in the background while writing this. It's astonishing how many close games there are. Murray State is 2 points behind North Carolina with 16 seconds left, and they have the ball. OK, dumb play, bad shot, dude dribbled it out of bounds? What? 4.8 seconds remaining, Murray State down by 2, and they have the ball.

BTW, where, and what, is Murray State?

I guess it doesn't matter. North Carolina won.

My back is broken, I need to find time to go to physical therapy. Yeah, like that's going to happen anytime soon.

I am sitting on my brand spankin' new Lazy Boy Recliner thingy. It's red. Or red like. And oddly fuzzy. It feels like fake suede. It's very wide -- not like a chair, but a mini-loveseat. It sinks into the carpet, and so doesn't open quite right. But it's wide. Wide enough for one OtherEndAuteur, and two dogs. Not just one, but two. This leaves relatively little room for yours truly. But I'm ok. And it's damn cute.

Ok, shouldn't have talked about it. Brown dog decided that he'd had just about enough of familial interactions, thank you very much, and has left for another room.

Brief notes on driving in northern California. I was on the 24 the other day. I noticed a car, with the gas flap open, driving down the road. Hmm, I tried to figure out how to tell the driver (a woman, as it turned out). Couldn't figure it out. So, I just kept going.

Hey, the next car, also driven by a woman, ALSO has the gas flap open. Different kind of car, but same interesting semi-failure mode.

And, the next one too.

Now I'm creeped out. Maybe it's a protest? Like, no blood for oil? Open your flap to tell the world that we should be more careful with gasoline?

Hmm, who knows. I guess I'll never know, since they were driving the speed limit, and I was not, so I flew by them...

And I saw the world's most stupid motorcyclist. Weaving in and out of traffic, clearly faster than his ability would bear. He seemed to be turning with body weight, rather than countersteering. At one point, he over-corrected, and I thought he was headed down, in front of an SUV. Dude, slow down, and take a MSF course... countersteering is your friend!!

Now watching CSI... More fun than the tourney. I guess I'm not a good red blooded American male.

It was lovely in the Bay Area today -- I wanted to ride my motorcycle. Oh, well, in a few weeks, I'll be on it.

Next weekend, I'm headed to the Southland to do some housework, driving a car back up. It should be fun -- I'll bring my portable XM radio with me, and listen to the comedy station most of the way back -- it doesn't work too well in the canyons, but it keeps me occupied on the I-5.

For those of you who haven't driven it, the 5 is one of the most boring freeways ever. It's interesting through the Grapevine. It's interesting right before the 205 breaks off. The rest of the time? Dull as dishwater. Through the Grapevine, you get to see the steps where the water that LA stole from Colorado comes into the basis. They light them at night. Very cool. And you drive by Pyramid lake, and upper and lower Castaic. Also sweet. Up by the 205, there are these cool hill-type things. I guess they are actual hills, not hill-like, but work with me here! Kinda pretty...

Ok, I think I'm done now. I think the title is "Wisps of my mind"

What do you think?